Wednesday, April 9, 2008

"Loves Grows..."

This is a revelation; I don't know if Tony Burrows is the guy in the video but it's still breathtakingly cool for me to see this:

Some of my earliest memories involve TV or AM Top 40 Radio and while there was a lot of Top 40 radio that I hated as a kid and still hate now (James Taylor, America, lots of the Carpenters), stuff like this -- one hit wonders -- really defined my pop sensibility.

It's only fitting in this week that sees the retirement of Don Geronimo from WJFK that I put up this video as he has mentioned Tony Burrows before and, as a DJ in that very era, played this stuff and made it popular until "serious" album rock got more popular before the arrival of disco and new wave.

This is the kind of stuff that childhoods were soundtracked by; great, short, upbeat pop songs.

Tony Burrows went on to sing on White Plains' "My Baby Loves Lovin'" and on the later masterpiece "Beach Baby" by First Class.

And Edison Lighthouse has some connections with Tony Macaulay who had a hand in my other favorite AM Gold song of this era, "Smile A Little Smile" by The Flying Machine.