Tuesday, November 20, 2007

New Puffy Amiyumi CD!

I finally got my Puffy Amiyumi CD in the mail from YesAsia (side-note: I LOVE YesAsia BUT why did this CD with regular First Class shipping take longer than the free shipping I usually get when I order over $25 worth of DVDs?) and I thoroughly enjoy it.

Puffy's new album, Honeycreeper, has a slightly harder sound than their last few albums -- seemed that way to me -- and guitars buzz on a few tracks harder than in the past -- lead single, "Oriental Diamond," opens with a rockabilly riff worthy of mid-1990's-era Morrissey.

Andy Sturmer of Jellyfish is not on the album but there are contributions from The Merrymakers, Rooney, and Butch Walker.

You can order the Korean version of the CD here as it is almost half the price of the Japanese edition.

The video for "Oriental Diamond" is below...