Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Let's Dance to Joy Division

You know, if this band was American, I would probably hate them for a song like this.

But, they manage to take what seems an arched-eyebrow-ironic-kind-of-title-that-looks-good-in-an-ad-in-the-NME and turn it into a song that actually moved me.

American indie/alternative rockers frequently gets lost in the kitschy elements, overdo them, and then smirk in place or producing a good, memorable pop song.

But something like this, which has those same elements, actually has a hook and decent lyrics and some wit (see also The Pipettes).

"Let's Dance to Joy Division"

I can hear some similarities to The Young Knives but these guys have more energy.

The rest of the album is quite good -- not a masterpiece, not even as good as the first Arctic Monkeys album -- but still worth ordering from overseas.

Of course, I am Mr. Tolerant when it comes to new British bands.

A lifetime of reading Melody Maker and NME and sometimes believing the hype has done that to me.

And they are Scousers so that is a plus in my book (even if I think The Coral and The Zutons are usually overrated, but that's another post).

Also check out the insanely catchy, "Backfire At The Disco"