Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Cap Packing Heat?

I just cannot get used to the idea of Captain America carrying a gun. Doesn't he always say that his shield is his weapon -- why he does he need a gun?

Maybe I just grew up with a different era's view of the character.

I guess if it's not Steve Rogers, it is not as bad. I cannot see the Steve Rogers that joined the Avengers carrying a gun -- certainly not the Cap as written and drawn by Jack Kirby.

I'm sure Marvel will make something interesting out of this (and then do another big revamp a year or two from now, LOL).

The Civil War was interesting -- the bits I read -- but far too all-encompassing for me to read all of it.

I did like the initial issues with Cap going underground. Those scenes -- to this liberal -- seemed a true representation of the Captain America I grew up on in the 1970s.