Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day Limbo In Hong Kong

I came to Hong Kong to find a job.

Now I have a job lined up but can't start working until I get my work visa.

(In case anyone is wondering about my visa status -- besides one other very helpful blogger who's given me a lot of great advice so far -- I got a letter from immigration today that acknowledged receipt of my application. More importantly, said letter contains a reference number which will now allow me to check the status of my application online without pestering my future company's HR woman or the Immigration Department!)

And it's Valentine's Day.

I always come to Hong Kong with a heart full of love for the world.

And, at least once or twice before, I've come pretty close to finding love here.

But, this time, on the first Valentine's Day in decades where I've got an actual girlfriend, I'm alone.

She's in The Philippines for a few more weeks.

I'm planning her next visit now.

And maybe that visit will last longer than a few weeks.

We'll see.

The point is that I feel like I'm kind of stuck in limbo.

I paid my rent last night for one more month in this nice, but very small, serviced apartment.

Admittedly, on the days that I've gone into my (future) office to do paperwork and stuff, the commute on the MTR has not been that bad.

It seems like I'll be going against the tide of humanity as they inch their way towards Central.

However, it was a bit depressing today.

I went in to get the letter that I mentioned above and had to pass those flower vendors anxious to hawk their stuff for St. Valentine's Day.

Better to be alone with the knowledge that someone out there loves me than to be with perhaps the wrong person and be miserable, eh?

After all, I waited for years before I got here, surely I can wait a few more weeks until I can be part of a couple again.

For now, I'm in limbo, burning through cell phone minutes on various vouchers.